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2012-10-21 22:40:47 by pricther

Wasn't there, like, more adult stuff on this site once? The hell ever happened to that?

Also: Clearly there was a change of my user information. Stuff that probably won't ever be noticed. Thought I'd mention though, given that I never use this newsbox anyway. >.>



2010-11-13 01:45:04 by pricther

Just wanted to make my profile feel less empty.
Come and gone from NewGrounds a few times, so I'm not really all that new.
I am a fuzzball. Please dun flame me.
I'm an artist. Not a very good artist, but an artist nonetheless. I also do music sometimes. But only sometimes.
I do have an interest in making flash animations, but I'm not sure where to start, or how to really even go about it.

Nice to meet you, I hope!